Different types of Mold can cause serious health problems to anyone in your family or you. Removing small molds with bleach or vinegar is easy, but you might need some molds. But you must understand that this job is risky and not easily manageable, so you must call professional mold remediation services near you. 

Mold in your home


Try Safe Bleach Mix To Kill Mold 

Mold in your home1

You usually hear that bleach kills Mold effectively on non-porous surfaces such as tile flooring and smooth building materials. Many experts recommend using a bleach-to-water ratio for mold removal. 

Things your need to kill Mold in your home; 

  • Bucket 
  • 1 cup bleach 
  • 1-gallon water 
  • Rag or microfibre

Follow the following steps carefully to kill Mold quickly

  • Pour the bleach water solution into the bucket 
  • Now take an empty spray bottle. This will make it easy to spray on contaminated areas. 
  • Let the bleach stay for at least 1-2 hours. 
  • Use lukewarm water to rinse the bleach solution carefully 
  • Let the area air dry thoroughly

How to Use Bleach Safely to Remove Mold

Treating Mold with bleach can cause minor to severe injury if you don’t handle it with care. Bleach is not considered a toxic chemical agent, but it can cause allergies to the nose, hands, and eyes, or asthma patients can be triggered if they use it without care or preventive measures. 

Here are the following precautions that you must take before your bleach 

  • Use rubber gloves, and for eyes, use eyeshades while using a bleach solution. 
  • Never mix bleach with any oxidizing agent. 
  • Try to use it in a place where there is a ventilation system and open windows and doors. 

What Is Better to Kill Mold

Mold in your home2

Vinegar is the best replacement for bleach because it is not hazardous to health or skin. The acid used in vịnegat kills approximately 85% of mold types. Vinegar is considered to be the best mold remover from porous surfaces. 

It is better to hire professional cleaning surfaces or regular cleaning of your house, as it will not allow molds to grow. Happy Houses Cleaning services offer the best services, such as deep cleaning, regular cleaning services, move-in and move out cleaning services Dallas and vacation rental cleaning. 

For quotations, call us at 1-214-414-9894 and get free quotes for any service. 

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