Apartment Cleaning Cost 2023

Many factors affect the cost of house cleaning services. Different businesses cost you differently depending upon the location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and one kitchen of your house. It is hard to answer this question with an exact amount because the cost differs from company to company. An approximate figure of this is $50 for one bedroom to $200 for a house, but all Dallas apartment cleaning will charge you differently. There are different questions that every cleaning business hears every second they get a call from any customer, e.g. 

  • How much does the cleaner cost? 
  • What is the number of visits for a cleaner to the house? 
  • Can I add additional work? 

So today, we thought of breaking down and eliminating the mystery for you. We will guide you on how different factors affect the cost of your house cleaning

Cost-by-Day Cleaning Services 

How Much Does A Apartment Cleaning Cost

The average home in the United States costs $100 for house cleaning. But it varies from $200 to $300. You can also calculate the estimated rate of your house by measuring the size of your home, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in total. 

There is a rule of many companies that they visit your house for their total estimate when you hire them. Such companies will clean your home thoroughly because they estimate the right amount of your house. 

Per Room Cost 

Every company’s pricing differs; for example, the average cost of cleaning a room is $50, and bathroom cleaning is $30. Companies will charge you the same amount, but some companies can charge you $40 for a bedroom and $20 for a bathroom. Per room, the cost is feasible as compared to an hourly rate. 


Flat Rate

Established companies will always charge a cleaning service at a flat fee rate between $200 to $300. A flat rate is way better than an hourly rate. At least you are worry free not have to pay extra cents. There are uncertainties that most companies are now tackling by shifting the hourly rate to a fixed amount rate. But it also depends if you choose moving, deep, regular or spring cleaning. 


Square Foot Rate 

Paying per square foot is better than an hourly and fixed rate because all the houses are different in size and design if a cleaning company charges $50 for a 1000 sq ft. 

Every company has their approximate rates when you hire them. Ask them about the rates for the services you will hire them for. 

Apart from this, many cleaning companies near you will visit your home first for a rough estimate; if your house is in bad condition, like it may take a day or two to clean, they will considerably charge you more. 


How HHCS gives you the most for your house cleaning budget:

So, when you pay for professional house cleaning services, you want excellent and thorough house cleaning in tip-top shape. Our team members are professionals, well-experienced plus insured and bonded. They will listen to your house cleaning needs before hiring to satisfy you fully. Our team members use strategic cleaning methods and bring their tools and equipment. Let Happy Houses Cleaning Services experts help turn your house into a spotlessly clean home.

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