Tips for deep cleaning your house or apartment

Organization is essential to deep cleaning all the places in your house or apartment to achieve the desired result.

Cleaning the house is one of the tasks that are most difficult for us in our day to day, however, that is why our maids at Happy Houses Cleaning Services will give you a series of tips for deep cleaning your house or apartment. If you have decided to clean your house thoroughly, it is important that you follow a series of routines, which will facilitate your task.

The organization when dealing with a deep cleaning of your house is essential, therefore, we present some tips to make cleaning your house easier and achieve more effective results.

Tips for Deep House Cleaning

When planning a deep cleaning of the house it is important to make a list of tasks in advance, even so, the organization will help you save time and effectiveness. First, what you will have to do is check what cleaning products you will need for your purpose, you really must bear in mind that the products are not harmful to your health or you can use products that are friendly to our environment that is why our maids offer you eco-friendly cleaning services in your city Actually, we have it all covered.

Later, make a list of the tasks you want to do at home in this way, you will better calculate the time you will have to dedicate to each of them.

Clean your rooms with tips for Deep House Cleaning

When planning the deep cleaning of your house, do not pretend to do everything at once, that is why it is very important that you organize cleaning room by room.

Always clean from top to bottom

To do a deep cleaning of your home, it is recommended that you always start cleaning the high surfaces, actually, the most effective is to start by cleaning the ceilings by removing the cobwebs and dust from the fans, lower the walls, and finish. with furniture and floors, however, before starting with the cleaning of each place, you must remove objects that may interfere with your work, that is why you must remove clothes or objects that are out of place, as well as disassemble paintings or lamps that make it difficult to clean thoroughly, in fact, Happy Houses Cleaning Services offers additional cleaning services that you can count on for all those tedious cleaning tasks in specific places.

Tips for a Deep House Cleaning for kitchen

To carry out the deep cleaning of your kitchen, you must mainly collect all your kitchen utensils such as plates, pots, food containers among others, in reality, you must have an idea of ​​what are all your tasks for which you must clean. your kitchen.
You can clean your sandwich maker with wet towels by placing a couple of wet wipes after use, as excess heat will cause the water to become steam and clean the grill. then dry with a cloth and that’s it.

Clean the microwave with water and lemon.

Just put a bowl of lemon water in the microwave for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, let the water cool for another 5 minutes and remove the container from the microwave, after all, we must have the microwave door closed so that in this way the steam has settled and condensed inside. Then clean the microwave with a clean towel. And ready!

Get rid of what you don’t use


One of the most important parts of deep cleaning your home will be getting rid of everything you don’t use. Take advantage of the review of furniture and cabinets to throw away or donate everything that has been stored there for years without touching it, in fact, you will save space and, in addition, it will be easier for you to clean.

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